Our Mission.

T he mission of St. Luke Missionary Hospice is to be the best quality end-of-life care provider to our communities, patients, and their loved ones by focusing on enriching the lives of every individual we encounter.


Our Vision.

Our vision is to refine the meaning associated with hospice care -one patient at a time- through comprehensive education, healthy growth, and personalized care. Making St. Luke Missionary Hospice the ONLY hospice worth choosing.

St. Luke Missionary Hospice Values.

St. Luke Missionary Hospice is committed to the following core values that guide our thoughts and actions.

Provide care that conforms to expected behaviors, standards of practice, manners and professionalism with respect to patients and families, fellow team members, the organization and the community.
We work together in our pursuit of excellence and hold each other to the highest professional standards to ensure the best quality care.

  • We are collaborative in our approach to working together by treating one another professionally with courtesy and consideration.
  • We share ideas, knowledge and expertise realizing that our success is based on the contribution of every person.
  • We measure and continuously seek to improve our care
  • We believe our staff and volunteers should be well-oriented, well-trained, and provided a meaningful and respectful work environment
  • We seek to be recognized as the community leader in the care we provide, and fully integrated into our healthcare system
We communicate openly and honestly, build trust and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards. We are truthful in our interactions and committed to doing what is right for our patients, the community and each other.

  • Include all members of a patient’s family as defined by them.
  • We value the patients and families autonomy by honoring and affirming their decisions.
  • Respect patient/family rights and empower them to make informed decisions in concert with their values.
We provide our patients with the care we would desire for ourselves or our loved ones.

  • We treat every individual with kindness, understanding and dignity.
  • We listen carefully, safeguard privacy and show thoughtfulness in all our encounters.
  • Every patient has a right to be a partner in his or her care, and we place a premium on honoring diversity and regard for different cultures and beliefs.
We treat patients, families, employees, and community members with dignity, respect, courtesy, and kindness.
Compassionate care is what hospice is all about and at St. Luke Missionary Hospice we aim to exceed all expectations.

  • We display courteousness in all encounters
  • We affirm life and recognize death as a normal part of the life cycle
  • We seek to ensure the dignity of all those for whom we care
  • We will be an example in our community of an organization whose values are its image
  • We believe each person shall experience the goals of safety and comfort as determined by them
  • We recognize the patient and family as a unit of care

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