Health Care Professionals

For Current Health Care Professionals

St. Luke Missionary Hospice encourages you to discuss the hospice alternative with your patients as part of a continuum of care throughout each patient’s life. Your patients’ well-being and quality of life are your top priorities. St. Luke Missionary Hospice and our interdisciplinary team of professionals are here to be your partners in meeting those goals throughout a terminal illness.

We know the importance of collaborating with other medical professionals to provide the best continuity of care for patients.  St. Luke Missionary Hospice offers more than 30 years of experience in partnering with physicians, nurses, skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare providers to achieve the greatest possible levels of comfort, functionality and quality of life.

Extension of your care, not a replacement.

St. Luke Missionary Hospice works to be an efficient partner and extension of your care, offering a breadth and depth of services from a single, integrated resource. We offer proven expertise in home health and palliative care, home hospice care, inpatient hospice care, emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families, as well as grief support. Hospice offers an improved quality of life to those individuals with progressive, life-limiting illnesses that no longer respond to curative treatments.

A hospice referral does not end your doctor-patient relationship.

We encourage our hospice patients to retain their personal physicians. We also consult with you on each patient’s Plan of Care and coordinate our services with yours.

Learn more about the referral process here.

For Future Employees

St. Luke Missionary Hospice is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants for all positions equally without regard to their race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, veteran status or any disability as provided in the Americans with Disabilities Act. St. Luke Missionary Hospice is a drug-free workplace.

We’re frequently looking for experienced, caring professionals who share our compassion for helping patients and families cope with a serious or terminal illness. We are honored to employ such a dedicated and caring team of professionals and we are committed to inviting like-minded individuals to join our team.

Learn more about employment with St. Luke Missionary Hospice here

For Future Volunteers

Volunteers provide important services to St. Luke Missionary Hospice and the patients they dedicate their time to. Whether it’s providing companionship to a person in the final months and weeks of life, offering support to family members and caregivers, or helping with community outreach and fundraising- the contributions of volunteers are a vital part of our care.

Our Volunteer Coordinator works closely with all volunteers to make sure that their talents and skills are matched with current needs in the best way possible.