For Health Care Providers

St. Luke Missionary Hospice serves patients with life-limiting illnesses while working in collaboration with patients’ physicians and other healthcare providers. Community physicians can remain as closely involved in their patients’ end-of-life care as they wish. Our interdisciplinary care teams provide updates and consultations as desired. Our 24/7 availability means patients and their families can call for anything from emergency medical assistance to a request for a chaplain any time day or night.

The earlier in the diagnosis your patients are referred, the more St. Luke Missionary Hospice can do to improve their quality of life. Our hospice team works with you collaboratively, to develop the care plan. We also act as advocates to ensure our patients get the optimal care plan and benefits.

Whether you are a physician or case manager considering making a patient referral, or a provider interested in potential collaboration- we are here to be a valued partner in providing the best quality hospice care by a group of caring professional individuals.

At St. Luke Missionary Hospice we are committed to reaching all individuals facing a terminal illness who may need our care.

We cannot do that without your help.

The Initial Recommendation

Recommending a consultation for hospice care can be a difficult choice for a physician.

  • We understand your long term relationship with your patients.
  • We understand you are “invested” in their care and well-being.
  • We understand that as a physician you want the quality of the hospice care your patients receive to be equal to the quality of the curative care you practice.

Our comprehensive services and dedication to quality will complement the care you provide in your practice. We believe that the only way to truly care for your patients is to collaborate with you. While our plan of care always places the patient’s needs above all others, your input to our plan is critical and valuable.

Our Interdisciplinary Team, which includes our Hospice Medical Director, will involve you in decisions made about your patient’s treatment. We will rely on your knowledge of the patient’s history and family situation to help guide us as we strive to provide the best care possible. You may be as involved in your patient’s care with us as you wish to be.

Our Medical Directors are respected members of the medical communities where we provide services and are handpicked by our hospice team to ensure seamless, high-quality professional hospice services.

From the Initial Referral, to Admission, and Beyond

As a healthcare professional, you want to know your patients are well taken care of, and that the time they have left is as fulfilling and painless as possible. That’s why St. Luke Missionary Hospice offers programs designed to maximize your patient’s end-of-life experiences while simplifying the referral process for you. From your patient’s initial hospice consultation through admission, and beyond, we prove how much we are dedicated by:

  • Working closely with you to facilitate an easy and timely transition to hospice care
  • Making pain and symptom management experts available to meet with your patient 24/7
  • Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for admissions


Our unique programs offer different levels of care and a variety of resources for hospice and palliative care patients.

As a healthcare professional, you can rest assured knowing that admission to St. Luke Missionary Hospice is the best choice for your patient’s well-being.