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St. Luke Missionary Hospice celebrates National Doctors’ Day,  a day observed annually to celebrate the contribution of extraordinary individuals who have devoted their lives to improving the health and well-being of others.

In honor of this day, St. Luke Missionary Hospice would like to recognize and thank all the physicians in our community who are committed to providing comfort and quality care and who have dedicated their lives to care for hospice patients.

Their support, direction, and guidance to those hospice eligible patients facing a terminal illness is not only educational and beneficial, but admirable.

Everyday in the life of a doctor is worthy of gratitude and recognition.

TYNatlDocDayAs we celebrate National Doctors’ Day on this Wednesday, the team at St. Luke Missionary Hospice would also like to show special appreciation and gratitude to the doctors who believe in the care we provide and have chosen to partner with us.  Specifically, we would like to recognize our kind and brilliant Medical Director, Dr. Deborah Chambers and her Co-Medical Directors: Dr. Christopher Walker (Beaufort,SC), Dr.Eric Gwynn (Savannah,GA) and Dr. Kamal Patel (Bluffton/Hilton Head, SC).

The role of the family primary care physician is no different at the end of a patient’s life than at any other time.  Their role is important in educating patients and their families about the help that hospice can provide when a loved one is facing a terminal illness.

These physicians are only some of the doctors whose attention, efforts, camaraderie, and patient-centered care approach enable St. Luke Missionary Hospice to further our mission of “being the best quality end-of-life care provider to our communities, patients, and their loved ones by focusing on enriching the lives of every individual we encounter.”

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St. Luke Missionary Hospice
Passion to Help. Mission to Serve. 

St. Luke Missionary Hospice is proud to take part in the national day of recognition and honor doctors for the specialized treatment they provide to hospice patients.

For information about St. Luke Missionary Hospice, please call (843) 473-3055.

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