Skilled Nursing Services

Primary Nurse Responsibilities  

You will be assigned a primary nurse, who is a registered nurse responsible for managing the plan of care and leading your care team.  Your nurse will provide compassionate and skilled nursing care, working closely with you and our medical staff to manage your pain and symptoms, individualize your plan of care, and inform and support your loved ones. Other registered nurses and licensed practical nurses may assist your primary nurse with your care.

The registered nurse case manager serves as the interdisciplinary team coordinator for all patients/families assigned to that team, which is a requirement of the Conditions of Participation.

Nurse as Case Manager

The primary responsibilities of the case manager include:

  • assessment of patient/family needs,
  • planning and organizing care to be provided, and
  • implementing the approved plan of care including instructing and
  • communicating with nursing facility staff.
  • Additionally, the case manager supervises and evaluates the quality of care provided by the entire team including the services provided by the facility staff.