The Truth About Hospice Care [infographic]

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The Truths About Hospice Care

Hospice means Comfort Care

The thought of hospice for a loved one can be an upsetting and frightening one, but it is important to place that fear aside and remember exactly what hospice is and the quality of life it is able to provide to your loved one. Hospice care is unique in that it provides comfort care vs curative treatment, relieves and manages pain, improves quality of life and offers support to those with a terminal illness. Hospice services aren’t just for the patient, but focuses on the family members as well.

When a patient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and a prognosis of less than six months to live, hospice can provide a sense of well-being in the final stage of life. Hospice care emphasis is on making a terminally ill patients remaining time as comfortable as possible.

Hospice helps make the most out of each day

Most terminally ill patients, along with their loved ones, experience less anxiety when they refocus on the remaining time they have together and begin to cherish those moments rather than fear the future. Choosing to utilize hospice care does not mean giving up hope. Rather, calling in hospice care helps you make the most of each day and guarantees the patient has the best quality of life possible.

Hospice is underutilized by its beneficiaries  

People often wait too long before seeking hospice care. Misinformation about hospice coupled with our general discomfort talking about end of life prevents Medicare beneficiaries and their family from taking advantage of the benefit.

“Many people believe that hospice care is only appropriate in the last days or weeks of life. … Research has shown that patients and families who use hospice services report a higher quality of life than those who don’t.” – National Cancer Institute 

Hospice Care is Provided Wherever You or Your Loved One Call Home

Not only does hospice care involve pain and symptom relief, it may be provided in hospitals, nursing homes, or even in the patient’s own home, enabling the patient to spend his or her final days in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Hospice is a 2-fold benefit: For the patient and for the family members

Hospice care involves a team-oriented approach of expert medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to a terminally ill patient’s wishes. Hospice care focuses on many aspects of the patient’s life and well-being – physical, emotional, and spiritual – and includes the involvement of the patient’s doctor, nurses, social workers, counselors, home health aides, chaplains, and trained volunteers.

Emotional and spiritual support is also extended to the family and loved ones. Hospice care includes information for family members on how to care for their loved one and support for those who face a loss of someone close to them. Hospice provides a respite for the family and emotional and psychological assistance for the patient to deal with end-of-life issues.

The Hardest Decision Is Simply Utilizing Hospice Care

In many situations with a terminal diagnosis, the most important – and typically the most difficult – step toward acceptance is simply making the decision to utilize hospice care options, and then to determine which option best benefits both the patient and the patient’s support system.

Getting Answers to Your Questions is just a call away

Anyone can call us for information about hospice care. We can speak over the phone or meet with you in person, to answer your questions about our services. Contact us today to give yourself peace of mind by calling us at (843) 473-3055 or emailing us at


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  1. I like how you mention that home hospice helps the patient get the most out of each day. I’ve watched my parents take care of my grandpa, and they are too tired to enjoy their time with him. Having a professional to help would give them time to enjoy each others company. At what point can you get hospice care? Thanks for this great information.

    1. We are glad we are able to help you by providing this information! One of the greatest values of hospice care is that not only benefits the care recipient but the care givers as well. This is done by providing the care givers time for themselves and allowing outside professional help. Hospice care is available to those certified as being terminally ill by a physician and having a prognosis of 6 months or less to live if the disease runs its normal course. Hospice care is the most rewarding in the early stages of the diagnosis. Contact your family members physician and speak to them about hospice eligibility.
      Thank you for your inquiry. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
      -St. Luke Missionary Hospice

  2. Hospice care does mean comfort care! Providing end of life care is one of the most important jobs anyone can have, because of the delicate nature of the situation, as well as the delicate state of the patient and family’s emotions.

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